AL Meetings

The Active Learning Community is a “grass-roots” network of its practitioners, teachers, therapists and parents, the learners. Many AL people get together in various kinds of meetings and grow their practice.


From Small to Large

Active Learning Play Dates range from two learners sharing their play time, maybe exchanging environments, to group or center-based sessions with multiple stations. If you would like information on how to put together an Active Learning Play Date, contact LilliWorks.

AL Presentations

Educational Talks

Educational talks are often given by an AL Practitioner to small audiences of perhaps teachers, or to a public service organization If you would like information on how to host an Active Learning Presentation, contact LilliWorks.

AL Trainings

Active Learning Centers of Excellence offer regular trainings and/or by arrangement, with hours of specialized content.


Penrickton Center for Blind Children – Taylor, MI. Specializes in treating blind children ages one through twelve with a least one additional handicap such as deafness, cerebral palsy, brain damage, developmental delay and seizures.


Texas School for the Blind and The Visually Impaired (TSBVI),, Austin, TX “A Center for Educational Services for All Blind and Visually Impaired Students in Texas.”


LilliWorks AL Foundation has presented The Southern California AL Conference — a one day training. Future trainings by request/arrangement and as scheduled.

North American AL Convention (NAALC)

The last continental AL convention was the first NAALC, held in Feb. 2005, in Oakland, CA, and was Dr. Nielsen’s final training.

NAALC II is in the preliminary planning stages. Interested parties should email for notices and to contribute to this major community event. Sponsorships, without financial obligation, are available.