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Dr. Nielsen-Approved Active Learning Equipment List

Little Room (R)

Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room is a core Active Learning environment, providing a resonant, warm, rich and safe place for children to engage. When properly populated with acoustically responsive toys, it naturally feeds back to the child for every movement. Panels are all two-sided, positive-lock and easy to rearrange, providing a fluid, long term interesting environment. Designed over 7 years: Accept no copies. Used on top of a Resonance Board.

Small configuration (LR-2). 2’x2’x2′ Suitable for shorter learners (<36″). Reconfigurable to Short configuration. 8 Panels Short configuration (LR-1). 1’x2’x2′ Suitable for infant learners only. 5 Panels.The frame is 18 gauge powder-coated steel with snap-together positive-lock structural plastic connections. Two Play Bars are included. Toys not included.

Kits are unfinished wood requiring assembly (gluing & screwing), rounding, sanding and finish. Some skills needed.



Multi-Function Activity Table™

Modular design, a uniquely hinged section, and adjustable legs allow for an endless number of possibilities. The trays have texture. Designed to facilitate object-persistence with learners so challenged.Special Order. Allow extra time, and/or prepay please. Extra Shipping costs.

Support Bench™

The Support Bench is a fully adjustable support for the upper torso, allowing the child to lie prone with their hands free, promoting midline hand activity. This provides true Active Learning “tummy time”, with unique support, freeing arms and reducing weight bearing on legs. Used on a Resonance Board with the Essef Board at the learner’s feet. Includes two main wood board assemblies (7″ and 10″ wide) to fit small and larger learners.The removable clear head support may be used by those with poor head control, and still leaves arms free. Adjustable height and angle, removable casters. Custom welded. Made in the USA. Varies slightly from illustration.

Support Bench without Head Support (SB-N)
Support Bench with Head Support (SB-S)
Head Support for Support Bench (SB-HS)

Resonance Board™

The Resonance Board, has a thin plywood panel that vibrates to every movement a child makes on it. Finished 48” x 48”. Natural color.
Approved Plans also available , Easy* to make
Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room-sized Resonance Board is 40″x28″.

The Folding Resonance Board has a continuous hinge, intended for itinerant therapists. It folds fully in half to 2′ x4′.

Resonance Board (RB)
Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room-sized Resonance Board (RB-LR)
Folding Resonance Board (RB-F)
Resonance Board Plans (RB-PLAN)

Essef Board™

The Essef Board is highly responsive to a child’s pressure. It’s a wonderful way to engage the child in lower motor activities. Imported no-void birch plywood, natural finish. Springs have rust-resistant zinc plating.

Plans with springs only are available (moderate difficulty), or
Kits with cut wood require rounding, sanding and finish.

Finished Essef Board (EB)
EB Kit with cut wood (EB-Kit)
EB Plans with Springs (EB-Plan)

Essef Board Stand™

EB Stand holds the Essef Board vertical without being on a wall. Also supports the SPG.

EB Stand : EBS
EB Stand Plans: EBS-Plan (Plan not available yet)

Lilli’s HOPSA Dress™

Lilli’s HOPSA dress safely provides vertical orientation and support without the legs bearing weight. The Velcro belt secures the child, and has a snap quick release.
Cross bar is sold separately.
Optional Block and Tackle pulleys allow the child to be raised or lowered as needed.
(3 Sheaves, 6:1 ratio with double braided rope

Size 1 (infant < 35 lbs) (HD-1)
Size 2 ( Size 3 (adult) (HD-3)
Cross Bar (CB)
Block & Tackle (B&T)

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